class | concepts IV

sarah buggle

masb | quarter four

team | shruthi subramanian


Fake news drives a wedge between the old and the young. In fact, there has been a 33% decline in families dining together. Now that the pandemic has brought everyone back home, they must learn to keep an open mind to get to the facts.


Coca-Cola will partner with Alexa to make conversations at the table “Open like Never Before”.

the Background

According to a recent study, baby boomers share 7x the amount of “fake news” online compared to younger generations—contributing to the rift between many young adults and their parents caused by opposing views on political and social issues.

So, how do we empower young adults to facilitate conversations that help educate their parents in a productive way?


(1) Alexa will be activated every time someone mentions the word “facts”.

(2) With the new Amazon Halo’s tone-detection technology, Alexa would also mediate when she detects agitation in voices.

(3) To open the dialogue, Coke will print diverse topics on their cans: the pandemic, climate change, and policies (to name a few).