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Living a lifestyle of constant change – moving, traveling, studying, interning and working in several cities across the globe – the practice of yoga has soon become a crucial part of my life ever since I finished high school in Germany.

No matter if I woke up for my internship in Manhattan or another day of university at Lake Constance, during my days of working as a writer between Berlin, the US, and Tel Aviv, coding in Barcelona or traveling where my heart takes me today, yoga is the one thing integrated into every daily routine.

It took me a trip to Jordan to begin to teach and soon, what started out as flowing with my friends on the beaches of Tel Aviv grew into teaching on a daily basis, gathering experiences in teaching men and women of any age, from giving private classes to teaching a crowd at Midburn, the Burningman of Israel.

In summer 2019 I completed my multi-style 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Indian School of Green Yoga International in Spain. Apart from the classic anatomy, philosophy, and Sanskrit classes I was educated to teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha as well as the basics of Acro Yoga.

Having made my first and most important steps in teaching in English, I went on to teach different groups and individuals in my mother tongue, German.

Having gotten to know many styles and teachers I have developed a flowing style of powerful Vinyasa yoga.

flow with me

how i flow

Vinyasa Flow

A flowing sequence of asanas guided by the breath.

Power Flow

Adding a little extra salt into the classic Vinyasa flow, strengthening and toning your body.

Cardio Flow

Bringing Yoga and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) together. We will visit short but highly intense and effective cardio exercises in between asana sequences.

HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise and can produce health benefits similar to twice as much moderate-intensity exercise.

Strong Flow

Want to build strength through yoga? While my Power Flows already tackle and tone muscles in your whole body, here we add intensity through weights such as dumbells and kettlebells.

Pilates Flow

Since I added Pilates to my personal practice I learned the amazing benefit for the whole body. Lengthening and strengthening the deepest muscles instead of bulking. During the long days of Corona Quarantine, I fulfilled my plan and dream of completing a Pilates teacher training.

where i am now

In 2022 I followed my childhood dream and returned to New York City.

You can flow with me all over the city at Y7 studio:


Sunday | 2 pm & 3.15 pm
Monday | 10.30 am & 12 pm
weekly schedule on Instagram @toriflowlightly

I’m also available for private sessions.
I would love to get to meet you! Feel free to reach out at