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PAVEMENT PIECES | A Godmother for the Neighborhood
A photo story of one of the longest-standing businesses in Williamsburg’s arguably most gentrified area
PAVEMENT PIECES | 50 Years of Hip
PAVEMENT PIECES | Taking Shakespeare to Therapy
EDITION F | “Sorry not Sorry“
Warum wir uns weniger entschuldigen sollten
EDITION F | Die Schönheit der Fremden
ZEIT ONLINE | “Man muss in der Küche nicht rumbrüllen"
Interview mit Kochbuchautorin und Aktivistin Sophia Hoffmann
FUTUR DREI | “How we dress does not mean yes“

Warum #metoo und #freekesha uns alle betrifft

from the heart

the lack of ethnic diversity in the western yoga scene

the lack of ethnic diversity in the western yoga scene

Like so many others, I got introduced to yoga as a physical practice. A way to start my day, and keep my body moving. It soon became my home: wherever I woke up – you could’ve called me Jackie Kerouac in my early twenties – I would start my day with some...

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the podcast

Early 2021 my friend Antonia Neidhardt and I started a Podcast on German politics, more precisely on the German elections which took place in September 2021.

In October of the same year the ‘Hanns Seidel Foundation’ awarded the podcast with the Prize for Political Influencers. 

You can find ‘was wählst du eigentlich’ on Apple, Spotify and Google.

english sample episode

by Victoria Kempter | was wählst du eigentich?

the blog

A rally afternoon

A rally afternoon

I don’t know how much further I can push. With every further question, I ask I am scared to step over that line of being too nosey. I missed the moment to tell the two ladies I am talking to that I am a journalism student. Here as a journalist. To be fair: they never...

Repeating mistakes

Repeating mistakes

On the importance of constantly, always, checking in with yourself. Because what is best for you today might be poisonous tomorrow. Things that come to my mind when I think of learning things the hard way: my sister and the Bible, Karma and sex.  Whenever I am caught...

Moon Missions and the Intellectual Landscape

Take me back to the application It’s one of these places you know from the movies. One of these places that people come to, simply because they’ve seen it on screen. Some just take a picture and leave. Others come time and time again. Working, fantasizing, creating...

Professional Essay

The first time I saw her, I was ten. She wore a black shirt that spelled “The Beatles”, a newspaper, a to-go coffee cup. She was the first movie character to inspire me since Peter Pan and – fittingly, considering her predecessor – I looked at her and knew: this is me...

Autobiographical Essay

Lost what to write this essay about, I travel through the notes I’ve created over the years. Many of them long forgotten. One catches my attention. One that I crowded out with the memories of the time when it was written. ‘Pep talk to a girl who wants to be everything...