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In cooperation with Ron Hartenbaum at Political Voices Network, Lauren Peacock, Maya Brown and I set out to speak to different experts about the effects of gun violence on youth in New York City and beyond. In this City like no other, street shootings, on top of school shootings, pose a threat on a daily basis. Luis Hernandez, founder of the youth led organization “Youth Over Guns”, shares his experience and expertise. David Caba, the vice president at “Good Shepherd Services”, explains how “Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence” steps in like no other and Dr. Paul Boxer, professor of psychology and director of the Rutgers Center on Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, shared his research and insights about the topic.

Early 2021 my friend Antonia and I started a Podcast on German politics. More precisely, on the German elections which took place in September 2021. To give you a glimpse of what we did and how we did it, I recorded an English episode for the purpose of this application. You can find the Podcast on Apple, Spotify and Google.

Thank you for your interest!