class | concepts IV

david stadtmüller

masb | quarter four

team | shruthi subramanian


Natural ecosystems are an essential part of childhood.

It is now harder to travel to natural wildlife sanctuaries.


Explore the wildlife from your living room. 

The Background

Creativity is in crisis today: while the world of tomorrow demands creative skills, we are spending less time in creative pursuits. LEGO believes that through play kids become creative learners, picking up the skills they need for this world. We are in danger of raising a generation of kids who are less creative, curious and happy: at age 5, we engage in creative tasks 98 times, laugh 113, and ask 65 questions per day- by 44 it drops to 2 creative tasks, 11 laughs and 6 questions. 


Lego will realize every child’s potential to make believe. Children can build animals and use an augmented reality app to see their creations in their natural habitat. Image recognition technology will translate the blocks to detect the animal built and match it to the right AR experience, taking kids to deserts, rainforests, or even underwater.