Corporate Design 

client | nepals e.v.

The Story

NePals e.V. is a NGO founded by students at Zeppelin University in 2015. Inspired and moved by experiencing the horrible earthquake in Nepal in 2013, Fabien could not forget the situation in the country and people he came to love upon his return to Germany. What began with fundraising for earthquake-safe houses and several kid’s education grew into a full-blown NGO with several projects: a water-well for a small town, multiple sponsorships for children, a female hygene-, and a recycling program.

The project got to my attention in early 2017 after interviewing three of the members for my podcast Willkommen ZuHause.

Inspired to help the boys in all means possible to me NePals e.V. became the first corporate identity I ever got to design. 

Logo Design Sketches