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The Background

Most people let money influence their lives very heavily, letting it dictate their decisions and well being.

At the same time, communities and festivals arise that try to rid themselves of the weight of monetary values.

In the spiritual realm, the process of burning something is associated with cleansing and releasing energy. At the widely popular Burningman Festival and it‘s worldwide offshoots a city is built in the desert for one week that is burnt down after the end of the week; on the second to last night a huge wooden sculpture of a man and a woman is burned down symbolically for the worldly things, on the last night the temple burns to release all spiritual energy before the whole city is backed up and the desert is left in the way it was found before.

The Concept

Wishbills don‘t have a monetary or exchange value. They are used at festivals, rituals or in daily life.

The three values are peace, love and happiness/health. Wishbills are shared with and by people freely, maybe in exchange for something, out of appreciation, friendship or love. To release the power of the bills they can be dedicated and then burned.